Hijabs and High Heels, The Washington Post/ON FAITH/Guest Voices – 2008
In the 1980s and 1990s, when I lived in Marrakech, the headscarf was a simple affair. In Gueliz, the New Town, few women wore either a headscarf or a djellaba—an ankle-length hooded robe. In the Medina, or the old town, where a more traditional lifestyle was practiced, most women still wore a djellaba and a loosely-tied headscarf; only a few wore the hijab. In the countryside, the Berber women wore colorful skirts and headscarves while weeding the fields.  Read more…


Vadya sits in her wheelchair on the veranda, remembering.  At 78, she remembers when she was eighteen and in love, and still living in Russia.  She remembers, too, when she could walk, which wasn’t long ago… read more Vadya


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